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Posted on Sep 18, 2013 | 0 comments

Asturian Seascape: Castro de las Gaviotas

Sunrise - Castro de las Gaviotas, Asturias III
07.25am – Day 3

Last weekend we began a new longer term project – that should see us through until the end of the year.  We started at the islet of ‘Castro de las GaviotasCastro de las Gaviotas’ near Hontoria.

The first morning was somewhat disappointing – a thick band of cloud on the horizon blocked out the sun until well beyond official sunrise. But it was a good experience and gave us chance to become familiar with the area in the dawn light.  We also saw a flock of 12 Egrets flying above ours heads at 7am, which was a first!

Normally we make excursions on the spur of the moment, a quick check of the weather forecast, map ready and off we go.  Here planning is the key – deciding on your positioning during a daytime visit can reduce stress when arriving in the dark.  Clambering over rocks on cliff edges in the dark with the light changing fast isn’t an ideal scenario.

Obviously, it’s difficult to predict the light and you never know quite what to expect.  But with some luck your efforts can be well rewarded – even without any photos.  More to follow.

Essential equipment – Flask of coffee.

– John

“Eighty percent of success is just showing up” – Woody Allen.

Sunrise - Castro de las Gaviotas, Asturias IV
07.32am – Day 3

Sunrise - Castro de las Gaviotas IV, Asturias
07.48am – Day 5

Sunrise - Castro de las Gaviotas V, Asturias
08.01am – Day 5

Sunrise - Castro de las Gaviotas, Asturias V
08.13am – Day 3

Sunset - Castro de las Gaviotas I, Asturias
20.25pm – Day 4

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