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Posted on Nov 26, 2013 | 0 comments

Autumn River Flow

We recently took a late autumn walk between La Pesanca and la Foz de Moñacos in Piloña.  The colder temperatures provided the peaks around Vizcares with a sprinkling of snow.  Winter is coming.  I wanted to get some close water shots of the Río Infierno (Hell River) with a real autumn feel of Asturias.  This area is very damp, heavily forested and covered in deep green moss and lichens.  The autumn leaves add a magical element.

Otoño en la Foz del Río Infierno, Asturias
One image I was happy with, after spending some time searching for a suitable areas.  There are many potential opportunities along the route, and only restricted by the need to negotiate some fairly steep drops and slippery rocks – if you want to get to the river’s edge.  f16, ISO 100,  1/6 sec at 14mm, some editing in Lightroom 5.

We set camera up at 4 or 5 points along the river. Nikon D7000, Tokina 12-24, Manfrotto 322RC2.

Belinda trying to dislodge an annoying branch, that literally floated into the shot as we set up.

If you need to job doing….. She dropped the branch and refused to go in any further!

Belinda looking out onto a fantastic beech forest, clinging to the hope of seeing a black woodpecker. But no luck this time.

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