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Posted on May 10, 2011 | 0 comments

Otter on our doorstep

Nutria / Otter (lutra lutra)

We’ve watched the otter twice in the past 2 days.

On the first occasion we left the front door to our building, crossed a road and the town square and found an otter on the riverbank eating an eel it had just caught.  It was a foggy, dark morning and the otter did it usual disappearing trick after a few minutes.  We guessed it was heading up river, so continued along our usual walking route.

I am always amazed at the speed and distance an otter can cover.  It had out swam our hurried walking pace as we arrived at the road bridge.  I grabbed 2 quick shots, one with the otter in the water and another as it hid behind some wooden steps, both in poor light but I was pleased to get them.

That evening we saw an otter for the second time.  It was becoming dark but the otter was easy to pick out against the bright pebble covered island in the centre of the river.  It bounded along for a few minutes, sniffing several rocks and tree stumps.  I was pleased to get a shot of it sprainting (main picture above).

After swimming further up river it left the water and in a completely relaxed manner proceeded to lie in the sand, stretch out its legs and yawn (Picture 3).  It seems spanish otters like to do a spot of yoga!

Nutria / Otter (lutra lutra)

Nutria / Otter (lutra lutra)

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