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Posted on Mar 17, 2014 | 2 comments

Otter fishing in the shallow water

We’ve had a record breaking month watching the otters – and I make no apology for publishing another post about them.  Each encounter is something special and worthy of recording.

This individual spent 30 minutes fishing in the shallows, and caught an eel and two trout whilst we watched from the riverbank.

Engrossed in hunting and eating, it didn’t pay much attention to us.  We’ve worked hard lately, walking the riverbanks for many hours – and observing them undetected is the best kind of encounter.

Otter / Nutria (Lutra lutra)

Otter / Nutria (Lutra lutra)

Otter / Nutria (Lutra lutra)

Otter / Nutria (Lutra lutra)

All Rights Reserved – © John Shackleton – Wild Asturias


  1. Amazing images!!!
    I live in Asturias and I have never seen otters here (I have seen some in Galician sea). I don’t know if you are English or American. I went to Shetland Islands four years ago and I liked a lot In spite of it rained a lot. You can see some of my pictures here: (only two or three of puffins in Shetlands). Thanks for this document and sorry for my bad English.
    Un abrazo (I don´t know to say it in English)

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