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Watching Otters

Below are posts we have made about otter watching in Asturias.  You can read about sightings, tracking and photography below.

Chasing otters in the rain

Solitary Otter

Young otter rock climbing

Asturian Rivers: In search of wild otters

City Otters – Gijón, Asturias

Otter: Early evening hunting

An evening watching an otter family in Asturias

Tracking the elusive otter in Asturias

Young Otter

Encounters with otters in Asturias

One minute wonder

Good luck comes in threes

Otter in its own world

Otter photo archive

Daytime otter watching

The otter, close up

The return of the otter

Plenty of otter signs

From the archives – The otter and the lamprey

Otter on our doorstep

Otter watching at dusk

Otter and lamprey – Part II

First otter photo for 6 weeks

2 otters sighted! allbeit briefly

The otter again….

Confirmation its a female otter

Otter food

Borrowed camera and long lunch breaks

Otter relaxing

Alternatives to shopping – otter watching

Otter and lamprey – a great battle

Signs and tracks of otters

Otter – too close?

Otter and cubs


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  1. me gustaría saber si aplican algún método para la observación de las nutrias de vuestros territorios…un cordial abrazo de nutria marina!!!

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