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Posted on Jan 30, 2011 | 0 comments

Signs and tracks of otters

We’ve been spoilt lately with the frequency and length of otter sightings.  Its very addictive and when a blank day becomes two days and then a week, you begin to wonder if thats you lot, a lucky patch not to be repeated.

Still there are other signs to look for that can offer some compensation.  Although the riverbanks are fairly steep there are deposits of silt that provide excellent opportunities for discovering otter tracks.  We’ve located a few sites where the otter passes by regularly, the most fruitful being underneath the huge pillars supporting flyover.  We have seen the otter twice in this exact location allowing indentifying the prints very simple!

Picture 3 shows a favourite rock used for sprainting.  Picture 2 was taken in 2007 on the Asturian coast close to the town of Villaviciosa.

Nutria / Otter (lutra lutra)

Nutria / Otter (lutra lutra)

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