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Posted on Oct 27, 2013 | 0 comments

Asturian Rivers: In search of wild otters

Otter / Nutria
Two young otters fighting over a trout.

We started out just after sunrise and were lucky to spot a family of 4 otters after just 10 minutes. We watched them for over 2 hours, hunting, resting and playing.  One of the best encounters with a family group in the past 6 years.

We lost them several times as they disappeared into the vegetation of the riverbank, so we decided to walk ahead and wait. As predicted (or hoped for), all 4 otters made their way up river and 2 eventually appeared just 15-20 metres away – chasing fish through small rapids and turning over rocks in the shallows in search of food.

I’ve been hoping to capture an otter holding a trout for sometime. I didn’t imagine taking a photo with not one but two otters, and so close.

– John

Otter / Nutria
Three young otters looking back to their mother calling from the riverbank.

Otter / Nutria
Two young otters navigating a dark corner of the river

Otter / Nutria

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